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Tibia RedBot is a weak Artificial Intelligence program designed for Tibia game
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Tibia RedBot is an Artificial Intelligence program ("bot") designed for Tibia game.
Tibia is a pretty old game, launched about 15 years ago by CipSoft GmbH. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which you can explore areas, solve tricky riddles and undertake heroic actions. Unfortunately, especially after prolonged playing, some actions can become quite boring and repetitive. This "bot" have been created to help with this repetitive actions, and therefore, to make playing Tibia a more pleasant experience.

Redbot is an artificial intelligence (a weak one in my opinion) that will help you in combat, at spell casting or at doing quests in Tibia universe. Using bots is against the rules in many MMORPGs, but in Tibia's case it is allowed. You care allowed to use it on Tibia servers because it does not have a dynamic learning algorithm like the new bots. The classic bots like this one only helped you with routine actions. You can save some time while the bot accumulates resources and experience for you, or loots items. It can cast spells, sell, buy, loot items, and gather experience while you enjoy doing something else.

Although its design is pretty rusty, and the game is old, this tool is doing its job quite honorably, helping you in all the important aspects of the game.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Easy to use
  • Helps a lot in game quests


  • Rusty look
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